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The Broken Trilogy: Book One



One never knew when the Subnature might appear. 

When 10-year-old Cici finds a silver coin on the street, she and her friend Rox take the chance to escape the Comb, the slum that has been their home and prison for years. But they hardly get far before the money is lost and they are forced to return to the Comb, seeking a granter to give them a loan. The girls go to Presco, an enigmatic moneylender who enlists them to collect documents from deserted homes. Cici and Rox learn that the Subnature----a nocturnal race of assassins with the power to move through stone----has started killing people in the Comb, and each corpse has something in common: a ring with a blue stone. As the pattern between the deaths becomes more apparent, Presco reveals that humans are controlling the assassins and using them to gain political power. When her life is saved by Hôhn, a young Subnatural, Cici finds an unlikely ally, and the preconceived notions of two societies are thrown into question as they work together to deconstruct the system used to keep both the Comb and the Subnature together in submission.