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The Nexus Mark: Book One

Shades of the Past

She was the last.

Fifteen-year-old Marina Mahar has lived in the small coastal village of Port Lonn her whole life, helping to run her family’s inn with her father after her mother’s death at sea. Everything is straightforward for Marina. She lives in the First World: the world that survived with magic after the War of Powers tore the earth in two, ending in an inseparable barrier between the magical First World and the non-magical Outer World. She knows about all the gods and the Nine Isles. She knows that her two greatest friends are Nuldur Geant and her cat, Sinda.


But Marina's life changes course when she sees a light in the woods behind her house one night. She investigates and overhears a plot to attack Port Lonn. When Sinda reveals himself as not simply a cat but a shapeshifter called Alyno, sworn to protect Marina after her mother’s death, Marina realizes that there is much more to her little world than she imagined. Alyno tells her that she is one of the last surviving sorcerers. In order to protect her home, she and Alyno must journey through the woods to destroy the Saitúr, a book of sorcery behind the threat to her home. They must get past shades bent on killing Marina to prevent her from reaching the Saitúr, and when they finally cross into the enchanted forest of Blackwood, they meet a god of death----as well as creatures that cannot be killed at all. 


Throughout her journey, Marina struggles against her desire for power and control, finally being thrust into command when her companions are carried to the brink of death. In the end, there is only one way for Marina to succeed: she has to give up.