A Courtesy Call

Fusion Fragment, #14

Dreaming War

Tales to Terrify

Earth Begins With Ash

Aurelia Leo, MYSTIQUE Anthology


Black Hare Press, Lockdown PHANTOM Anthology #6 

Heavier than Oceans and Seas

Shacklebound Books Newsletter

In the Light of the Moon, a Little Egg

Planetside: Science Fiction Drabbles (Shacklebound Books)

In the Light of the Wisps

Blood Knife


Aurelia Leo, MYSTIQUE Anthology

One More Song

Midnight in the Dying Garden: Fairy Tales for the End of the World


The Other Stories Podcast

Sixth Sense

Wyrms: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles (Shacklebound Books)

Spirit of the Seasons

A Very Ghostly Christmas: Volume 1 (Ghost Orchid Press)

The High Priestess of the Crescent Moon

Tree And Stone Magazine, Queer As F* Issue

The Last Flame

For Those Who Deserve to Exist (Inked in Gray)

The Salon at 23rd Orbit

Martian Magazine

The Tail

Tales to Terrify

Thread & Needle

Winter Enchantment (Iridescent Words)

Void's Mouth

Fusion Fragment, #11


Before We Dance

Tree And Stone Magazine, Issue 2

Far, Far Away

Scribes*MICRO*Fiction, Issue 17

The Wall

Maelstroms: Tales of Dark Fantasy and the High Seas (Shacklebound Books)

The Sheet

Wrongdoing Magazine, Issue 3

Moira and Ellie

Reprinted in MetaStellar

Water We Made to Breathe

PodCastle #733

The Revellers

Reprinted in Medusa Tales, Issue 1

Before Us

Reprinted in Crow & Cross Keys

At the End of Purple Meadow Road

Fireside Magazine, Issue 102

The Swing

Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter, Issue 43: Mirror Image

A Fate Worse

Ghostlore: An Audio Fiction Anthology (Alternative Stories Podcast)

Between Oak and Acorn, a Sunset Waits

DreamForge Magazine, Issue 7

Mice Nest in Lions' Manes

Plenitude Magazine

Riding Dark

The Dread Machine


The Revellers

Curiosities Retropunk Audio Fiction, Issue 9

White Ribbon, Grey Fur

Uncharted Magazine

Selkie's Bones

Reprinted in Mermaids Monthly, Issue 9

Moira and Ellie

What One Wouldn't Do

Dark Side

Voyage YA Journal


Dream of Shadows, Issue 3

Heavier than Oceans and Seas

THE DEEP Anthology (Ghost Orchid Press)

The Jewels of the Mermaids

Grimdark Magazine, Issue 27

The First Step in Our Evolution

The Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2020 (Metaphorosis Books)


Produced in audio on The NoSleep Podcast, Season 16 Episode 5

This Wet Red

PseudoPod #744


Selkie's Bones

Room Magazine, Issue 43.4: Twine

Daffodils Are Lonesome

Channel Literary Magazine, Issue 3

The Tail

Wyldblood Press

Dreaming War

From Whispers to Roars, Volume 3 Issue 2

Before Us

Daily Science Fiction


The Colored Lens, Issue 36

The First Step in Our Evolution

Voyage YA Journal

Museum of Glass

Unsung Stories


Ferris Wheel

Flash Fiction Magazine


Silently Selected, Or Endings

Voices and Visions Literary Journal, Environments 


The One Who Waits

The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow, Issue 6


The Gathering Storm

Fresh! Online Magazine

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